Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Our Community. Our Co-Workers. Our Teams.
Our Friends and Families.

Help Those Affected

As both a proud Houstonian and Houston based company, our hearts and minds go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The devastation endured over the last week is still difficult to process, and the impact on so many is beyond tragic. The scenes flashed across our televisions were unbelievable – and yet Houstonians could simply walk a few blocks from their houses and see the same.


Even so, the community outreach has been incredible and the images of residents in boats and large trucks rescuing others was so amazing. Neighbor helping neighbor; Selfless acts of kindness and support; Houses hosting multiple families; Churches overflowing with donations – all while most of our surface streets remained impassible. It’s at times like this we realize how “beautiful” the character of our city truly is.


Although the storm has passed, rescue and recovery efforts continue. Tens of thousands of Houstonians are displaced and will likely remain so for some time. They need our help – now and when they begin putting the pieces of their lives back together.


To support this effort, Genuent is spearheading a fund raising effort in conjunction with the American Red Cross. We will be jump starting the fund with a donation of our own, and encouraging others to join us in donating to their relief efforts.


Here at Genuent we recently changed our logo to reflect the motto “Relationships Matter”. This storm has cemented it in our DNA forever.